Szigeti Compound Crossbow

Unique finish, enduring, heavy duty

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and distributor:
János Szigeti

1105 Budapest, X. ker., Ihász-köz 8.


Repeating Crossbow

Mahogany stained and lacquered butt made of ash-tree. Double-safety releasing mechanism (it does not operate without an arrow and it does not go off by accident). Reflexes: Steel spring with protective bandage. Reflex case: Alloyed aluminium with an antique bronze tint. Aiming device: Optional, telescope/4x20-4x32/or redring optics. Use of standard sized arrows (made of aluminium or wood). The price of crossbow includes 5 wooden quarrels.


  • Tensile force: 155 pounds (70 kg)
  • Range: 1050 feet
  • Effective range: 200-250 feet
  • Velocity of discharging: 280 feet/s =
    85 m/s = 306 km/h
  • Weight: 3,5-4 kg
  • Replace of limbs: after 9000 shooting
  • Replace of string: after 4500 shooting

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